Park Yoga | OUTDOORS @ Naunton Park Rose Garden
Monday, October 11 • 07:45 - 08:30
Rosie Marsland
Join us outdoors for a lovely morning rise yoga class to wake up the body, brighten the senses and tune in to our surroundings.

Outdoor yoga is a wonderful opportunity to enrich your usual yoga practise. You'll feel inspired by nature, more connected to your surroundings and physically more engaged as your muscles, breath and mind settle.

Spending time outside also reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. With lower levels of stress, we can ease into a deeper state of relaxation and enjoy the present moment.

Students must bring their own mat (and props if you like to use them).

Social distancing applies.

Aaahhhh - that's better! Start your day well with our Morning Rise Outdoor Yoga.

Note: If it's looking like rain we'll be in touch before the class and will refund your class credit.

If you are new to Rosieglo Yoga please complete our Health Form before joining a class.