General Terms and Conditions Sanata Yoga, November 2017

General Terms and Conditions Sanata Yoga
November 2017

• These General Terms and Conditions apply to any services, classes or events provided by Sanata Yoga and its entire relationships with its students.
• The student agrees to the application of Sanata Yoga General Terms and Conditions by registering on or participating in a class.
• Sanata Yoga may amend its General Terms and Conditions from time to time and will notify its students about the amendments via its website or
• Current class schedule, prices and types of class subscriptions are available at
• In case of a conflict between information regarding the schedule and prices displayed on Sanata Yoga website and, the information on prevails.
• Sanata Yoga reserves the right to change the yoga teacher allocated to a class, amend class schedule or prices at any time.
• To the extent possible, class changes will be announced in advance via Sanata Yoga website, or by email.
• Sanata Yoga reserves the right to cancel a class in case of unforeseen circumstances in which case cancelled booked classes will credited back to the student card.
• To participate in a class students have to register, book and pay for classes online at No bookings can be processed at the studio, by phone or email.
• Sanata Yoga does not accept cash payments. Payments are made online by iDEAL when choosing a class card or subscription.
• All classes must be paid for before they are taken. Booked classes will be automatically deducted from the student’s class card.
• Early cancellations: a booked class can be cancelled by the student online up to 2 hours prior to the class start time. If a student paid by class card, the cancelled class will be credited back to the student card. No cancellations can be processed in the studio.
• Late cancellations: any cancellations by the student within 2 hours before class will not be refunded or credited back to the class card.
• Studio is open 15 minutes before class time. Students are required to show up at least 5 minutes prior to the class start time to secure a place in the class. In case of “no show” by that time, the student will be able to join the class at the teacher’s discretion and if there is space available.
• Period of validity of class cards and subscriptions is stated in the description of the relevant card/subscription.
• Intake, private sessions and progress sessions which are part of the subscription are by appointment only. Appointments are made in consultation between a student and a yoga teacher.
• Taking yoga classes and using Sanata Yoga facilities are at students own risk.
• Performing physical exercises always involves the risk of injury. By participating in a yoga class, students accept such risk.
• Its students responsibility to seek advice from a medical professional in case of injury and other health-related conditions before taking a yoga class.
• Sanata Yoga does not accept liability for injury, loss or damage that may be incurred by the student attending the class.
• Student must always inform the yoga teacher about any relevant health condition and follow the instruction of the yoga teacher in this case for any counter- indications and modification.
• Students are responsible for not exceeding their own physical limitations, for discontinuing or modifying the activities during a yoga class in case of pain, dizziness or other acute discomfort.
• Sanata Yoga collects personal data of the students (such as, name, date of birth, contact details) for the purposes of I) administering yoga classes, training and other events, II) maintaining students’ records, III) general, payment and other financial and class administration and IV) providing students information about its services.
• At the student’s email request, Sanata Yoga will provide information about the student’s personal data processed by Sanata Yoga and will correct or remove the data as may be requested by the student unless records of such data are required to be kept by law. Removal of data may result in a student not being able to use (part of) the services provided by Sanata Yoga.
• These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law.
• Any disputes arising under or relating to these General Terms and Conditions are subject to jurisdiction of the Dutch courts.