Steel Drum Flow
Friday, 14 January • 12:00 - 13:30
Santosha Sandara Studio-, Nourish Bar
Santosha Wellbeing .
Inviting you to just be, as Aron creates an intuitive Sound Journey for you. A relaxing flow with the Rav Vast Drum, A steel drum tuned to the G Pygmy scale, emanating sounds of the Solar & Lunar energies creating a balancing atmosphere of resonance.
The Rav Vast Drum is a revolutionary new instrument that fuses the concepts behind handpans and tongue drums. Perfectly cut steel Tongues vibrate harmoniously together to create an ethereal sound.

There is no need to book, you are welcome to drop in to the Nourish Bar on Friday afternoons from 12pm onwards or stay for the full session, all we ask is a small donation (suggested £5)