Vitality Vocals
Friday, 14 January • 09:30 - 10:30
Santosha Sandara Studio-, Main Hall
Carmen .
We here at Vitality Vocals love the voice. We are vibrant, vivacious and excited to help
our clients to transform their vocal ability. Whether it’s for a profession or hobby, public
speaking, acting or business pitching - Vitality Vocals offers the opportunity and freedom
to enjoy your voice, helping you to use it purposefully and with confidence.
We are intentional about creating a holistic atmosphere that engages your mind and
body to help you express yourself with authentic emotion and great technical execution.
We would love to help you to vitalise your vocals.
Vocal Well-Being Classes:
-Vocal Wellbeing & Vocal Health Practice. These sessions are created to allow for
connection between the mind, body and voice. Here we learn mindful focus techniques,
energetic whole body expression, quality breathing techniques as well as strong vocal
techniques. The process is empowering, fun and confidence boosting.