Beyond Birth
Wednesday, 26 January • 14:30 - 15:30
Santosha Sandara Studio-, Main Hall
Santosha Wellbeing .
Beyond Birth Emma
Becoming a new parent, no matter if it is your first baby, second or third etc, can be an exciting but challenging time. We may have ideas of what we thought being a parent would look like and can feel upset or disappointed when the reality doesn’t match these expectations.
Beyond Birth wellbeing sessions offer all parents and families-
* a safe space to come together to think about, and to look after their own emotional and mental wellbeing
*to form new friendships with other parents
*and to begin building a local support network.
These sessions run for 6 weeks, with each session lasting 1 hour. Mindfulness, relaxation, journaling, and conversation will shape each session. You will also have space and time to reflect on your own journey as a parent, whilst having an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your partner, and your baby.
These sessions are open to all; mothers, fathers, non-birthing partners, grandparents, older siblings, or friends- anyone who is supporting you on this new journey. These sessions have been created to support the whole family no matter who you are.
You are welcome to bring your baby along with you, as the sessions have been designed to have them in the space. Alternatively, you may wise to join on your own for some much needed ‘me time’.

What to bring:
~Notebook and pen
~Bottle of water
~Wear comfortable clothes
~Bring a pair of comfy socks or slipper
~Beyond Birth Guide (If you wish to buy this guide you can purchase it on Amazon or through myself. You do NOT need to purchase this guide to join the session)
I look forward to holding this beautiful space for you and to being a part of your parenting journey.

To book please email Emma at