New Moon in Aries
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Sunday, 11 April • 18:00 - 20:00
Joanna Cole-Hamilton
The new moon is a quiet time in the monthly cycle and a good time to pause and reflect on where we are in our life and how we want to move forward.
In our moon workshops we gather together online to explore the astrological sign the new moon is in.
Joanna's yoga practice is themed around the energy of that sign. Sara then asks questions to guide your journaling and we finish with setting our intentions for the month - writing down our intentions for who we wish to be, how we would like to act, speak, think.
This time Sara and Joanna will be joined by Kirsty and Lynsey who will give a reiki session and a self-love and gratitude chat.

Please have a little notebook and a pen to hand so that you can write down your intentions.