General terms of Sound Light Yoga

Mornig classes and all workshops and courses must be prepaid and all clients agree to our 4hr notice policy when cancelling and/or rescheduling. So if you’re booked into a class, but miss it or cancel with less than 4 hours’ notice, you will be charged for it.

Please note we operate a 48 hour cancellation policy for workshops. Any workshop bookings cancelled within the 48 hour window will be noted as late cancel and charged. N.B. Any guest teacher workshop cancellations will automatically be noted as a late cancel.

Out of consideration for the instructor and other members, and also for your own safety (the warm-up is an important aspect of each class) please be aware that if you arive after the start of class, you may not be able to participate.

Classes require three or more people in order to take place.

The information available on or through this Site, and the Services supplied via or in connection with this Site or at Sound Light Yoga do not constitute medical advice and it is your responsibility to determine, through obtaining appropriate medical advice, that you are fit and well and that such contents and services are suitable for you. It is not our responsibility to do so. Before commencing any exercise regime, you should consult your doctor.

Neither Sound Light Yoga, nor its instructors are responsible for any injuries suffered by the member caused whole or in part by the Member’s failure to faithfully follow the instructions of the instructor or by any physical impairment not fully disclosed to the instructor in writing.

It is also vital that you supply us with correct information about yourself, your injuries, limitations or mental health-related issues.