Satsang: An Invitation to Awakening and Non-Duality (In Person Only)
Fredag, september 17 • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Heather Fenton
with Michael Fenton

Join us for an evening of contemplation and exploration. Satsang (an invitation to step into the fire of self-discovery) is a gathering of like-mind seekers, coming together to sit in and dialogue about the true nature of reality.

Michael (Heather's husband, and the builder of the Hut), will be sharing his recent awakening experience and insights.

The evening will include a recorded guided meditation with Michael's favourite non-duality teacher, Mooji.

Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend!

Freely offered, donations welcome. (If you would like to make a donation for satsang, all funds will be given to Niagara Chapter - Native Women Inc.)