Fundamentals of Movement Introduction class
Torsdag, 22 september • 18:15 - 19:45
Appelmarkt 3, Yogazaal beneden
Docenten Studio Soetra
Docent: Bjarte Hiley

Do you sometimes long for more out of your physical practice? Perhaps you intuit that there is more freedom in movement possible for you?

This closed group training will be an invitation to step into a new way of approaching movement and training. We'll be exploring new skills you likely have never tried before, new ways of inhabiting and expressing through your body, and getting introduced to deep principles to let you do your own thing with the information. This is all scalable to your individual level of mastery.

Stepping out of the conventional, will-based fitness paradigm and into a world where movement is an activity which deeply nourishes and pleases you in and of itself. Intrinsically. Not just in the outcome it produces, although that is certainly part of it.

What you can expect from the classes:
An exploratory and fun learning environment in which you are encouraged to keep failing in new ways (safely, of course).
Exposure to key practices from a vast array of disciplines like: Kungfu, gymnastics, handbalancing, floorwork, and more.
Individualised progressions for the practices scaled to your level.
Being invited to be patient and present with yourself in the learning space.
Getting to know yourself and your body in new ways.
To be welcomed with all of who you are: the clumsy, the graceful, the strong, the weak, the ugly, and the beautiful.