Giovedì, ottobre 14 • 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM
Bonnie Meyer
Are you ready to take your yoga practice up a notch? Introducing, 'Sculpt'
Sculpt is an all body workout designed to Sculpt every major muscle group in the body by combining yoga postures with light hand weights. Sculpt is a great complement to your yoga practice.
Benefits of Sculpt!
1-build muscle
2-increase bone density
3- make your traditional yoga practice stronger
4-Hello endorphins!

Face masks are not mandatory but will be left for each student or instructor to decide.

Cancellations may be done within our scheduling system up to 12 hours before class. If less than 12 hours, please email

All late cancelations for yoga classes (within 12 hours of class) will result in a $15 fee. No Shows result in an $18 fee. After 3 no shows a student may be asked to only register for classes until the day of, if there is a spot.