Lectio Divina (restorative/meditation)
Torek, oktober 12 • 6:30 pop. - 7:15 pop.
Kathy Collins
Lectio Divina presents an ancient Christian tradition of prayer that nourishes and deepens one’s relationship with God through reading, reflecting, responding and resting in the Word.

Although the physical postures are secondary to this practice, there will be given suggestions on full restorative positions to enhance your experience of relaxation. No experience is required.

There will be time set aside for you to journal if you so choose. || All levels (prenatal, beginner and first-timer friendly)

Face masks are not mandatory; each individual will decide what is best for them and their yoga practice.

Cancellations may be done within our scheduling system up to 12 hours before class. If less than 12 hours, please email studio48yoga@gmail.com

All late cancelations for yoga classes (within 12 hours of class) will result in a $15 fee. No Shows result in an $18 fee. After 3 no shows a student may be asked to only register for classes until the day of, if there is a spot.