Morning Healing Stretch
Saturday, October 16 • 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Megan Bell Timmerman
Yin Yoga for Backs, Hips and Shoulders
Start your weekend out right with a blissful hour of Yin Yoga dedicated to stretch and strengthen your back, improve spinal health and relieve pressure in the back, hips, neck and shoulders. Postures are accessible to all levels and focus on correct alignment for your BODY.
This class is perfect for anyone who spends the week sitting at a desk, or in a car, suffers from back pain or simply wants to enjoy a slower-paced mindful yoga practice.

Face masks are not mandatory; each individual will decide what is best for them and their yoga practice.

Cancellations may be done within our scheduling system up to 12 hours before class. If less than 12 hours, please email

All late cancelations for yoga classes (within 12 hours of class) will result in a $15 fee. No Shows result in an $18 fee. After 3 no shows a student may be asked to only register for classes until the day of, if there is a spot.