New Moon Circle - Virgo
Dinsdag, 7 september • 20:30 - 22:00
LadiesFit, Markerkant 10-04D
Sandra Wilson
Join us during our special female get together.
Embracing the grounding energy of the New Moon in Virgo, which stands for the qualities honesty and humbleness.
Together we will welcome these qualities and observe how they can bring healing.

We will connect to our inner wishes through meditation, dance and movement.
While feeling safe and strengthened as we set our intentions for this new moon cycle with the powerful connection of the collective female energy.

You can expect too; Relax, Have Fun, Dive deep and connect to your Souls wishes, Dance, Surrender to the present, Release blockages that stop you from creating and like minded Souls.

Elements will be;
A beautiful meditation with your personal received crystal.
A physical yet gentle releasing technique
Dancing to amazing and very carefully selected music.
A long Yoga Nidra session to end the evening in complete relaxation

This evening is for everyone who identifies as a female. The physical yet gentle movements that we will practice can be adjusted to your personal situation.
You can enjoy this evening when you are pregnant, have recently given birth.
Come and create Moon Magic with us!

Personal Investment: €17,50,-
This includes a beautiful crystal which we have selected specially for this Moon Wisdom Circle.