About The House of Yoga

The House of Yoga is a yoga studio that aims to provide welcoming and inclusive yoga, placing its community at the centre. This is a safe space to practice, meditate and share with likeminded people.

We firmly believe that there is a right yoga for every single person on this planet, regardless of their age, gender, colour and background.

Our mission is to enable you to find the right yoga for you and empower you to access your true and best self through this practice in order to be an active member of their community.

The core values of The House of Yoga are those of care and service for its community; inclusivity of everyone who wishes to practice yoga; and lastly, those of truthfulness and integrity in sharing the teachings of this practice.

Through our personalised approach we will ensure that all practitioners are seen – from the newer to the more seasoned ones – and find the right class for them in this space.

We are located in Ixelles on Rue de la Paix 14, near the church of Saint-Boniface.