Thursday September 17

2:00 pm
MOON: Moon for Mindfulness (75min) - WITA 2pm online class
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Can our practices really make us more mindful and present human beings? If we use methods and techniques that address our minds and nervous system, yes, practice can be incredibly medicinal and rewarding in bringing us into a state of harmony and balance.

This class will focus on bringing presence into every breath, asana, thought, action and observing yourself throughout the process. Watching how the mind wanders, gets distracted or dispersed is part of the journey toward becoming more mindful. The more we practice this on the mat, the more we are able to notice our distracted tendencies off the mat.

** PLEASE NOTE, BOOK ONTO YOUR CLASS MORE THAN 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE START TIME TO RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH LINK. Otherwise you can access the link to the live-stream right here, via your MomoYoga account. Simply log on, click onto the class you've booked and look for the blue button that says “Go to online class”. This button will only be visible in the 30 minute lead up to your class and only for those who have booked into the class. Click onto this button and it will automatically open up the YouTube live-stream for you.