Inflexible Yogis Workshop: Splits
Saturday, 29 February • 13:00 - 14:30
Diana Bjälvenäs
Do you have tight hips and hamstrings? Do you consider yourself inflexible? Have you been trying to get into a split with no success?

Then this workshop is for you!

In this Inflexible Yogis workshop we will focus in targeting the muscles that will allow more flexibility for splits. Prior knowledge for splits is not required and being able to do a split is the not required. If you already have a split in your yoga practice, you will learn how to protect your joints and ligaments while in your split. If you are hypermobile, you will have find tips in how to build strength to reduce injury.

We will give you the tools to develop a practice in prepping for splits and infuse it into your own practice, whether you can split or not.

We will have a 90 min vinyasa flow and break it up into different modules to understand:

*Counter muscle groups.

*Learn the difference about Active and Passive stretching.

*Add PNF stretching into your asana positions.
(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is an advanced form of flexibility training, which involves both the stretching and contracting of the muscle group being targeted. PNF stretching is one of the most effective forms of stretching for improving flexibility and increasing range of motion.)

*Create Elasticity, Plasticity, and Viscoelasticity in your Myofascial system.

Class taught in English.

There are only 25 spots so fill in the registration on the ticket link, and purchase your 'drop-in' ticket, to secure your spot.

This workshop is included in UB memberships.

Where: Updog Bodies Studio
Kvarnholmsvägen 77, 13131 Nacka
When: February 29, 2020
Time: 13:00-14:30
Price: 250:-
Teacher: Diana Bjälvenäs


Diana Is a E-500 RYT with Bryce Yoga and Dylan Werner Yoga and 50h with Lux Seattle acrobatics. She teaches yoga at SATS, Balance, Kroppsverkstan, and owns Updog Bodies Yoga Studio in Kvarnholmen. Diana has a passion for vinyasa flow and loves teaching arm balances and handstands. As a native New Yorker, D likes to use her colorful humor to explain technique. She also has an unhealthy obsession with watching Friends and eating cake.