Breedon Priory Golf Club, Green Ln, Wilson, Melbourne, Derby DE73 8LG.
Castle Donington and surrounding areas
What To Expect
Our class are about you. We want you to get to know yourself better. Hatha yoga is mainly about the movement, transitions, and asanas. This is only one element of yoga and energy healing we use during a class. Physically, we focus on postural alignment, mobility, strength, and flexibility. We help you to move safely whilst finding correct alignment with the skeletal frame. We will help you understand how muscles can be active or passive during a movement and position, working towards balancing the muscle groups and their activities. We like to go beyond the physical yoga aspects and will introduce many energy healing techniques during each session. This may include self reiki, EFT, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and meridian cleansing. All are non invasive and can be opted out of.

What To Bring
We strongly advise that you do bring your own mat and equipment. Your mat will become place of sanctuary, a safe space for you. It is also best hygiene practise to minimise equipment sharing. New students may have the option to borrow from the instructor during their first session. Some classroom sizes may be smaller than others. Please try and minimise how many personal belongings you bring.

What To Wear
Your clothing will need to be flexible, light and comfortable. Please ensure that t-shirts are close to the body and will not fall down during a forward folding movement. You may require warmer clothing during the rest/meditation section of the class.

The instructors will give detailed guidance during a session, please ask them if you have any questions. You are responsible for your own safety and the way you move. A teacher will never touch you unless you have agreed for them to do so, in order to achieve a more accurate position. Please fill in your consultation forms correctly to the best of your knowledge. This should also include allergies to essential oils, sensitivities, and hearing difficulties.

Class Etiquette
It's important for us that every student feels safe. We understand that a yoga session is a place and time for healing. Please observe kindness and compassion to all while you are attending a class. As a student begins to feel safe, they may share very personal information about themselves. Therefore, we encourage each student to be respectful, by not repeating or sharing information that they have heard. Please do not sit or walk on the another person's mat with out their consent.

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