[IRL] Flow Yoga | Fakenham Race Course
Tuesday, September 7 • 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
Fakenham Race Course, Ground Floor, The Prince Of Wales Stand
Emilie Garrould
Join us for the 8-Week block of classes starting on the 7th September to 26th October.

This style of yoga is a practice that synchronises movement with breath. Each month we follow a set sequence, adding more variations and options to explore. In all sessions there is a sense of progression and transformation, from one posture to the next, breath by breath. This is an Open Level class. However, I recommend those new to yoga attend a beginners class first.

In acknowledgment of the exclusive pricing system within the health and well-being industry I therefore offer radical sliding scale pricing with an option to join on a Community Rate, Standard Rate or Supporter Rate.

'By implementing a sliding scale it's an effort to create a supportive community space where wellness is more accessible to all. I trust that you will respect and honour my intention with this system, which is to create inclusivity and accessibility for my classes. This is not pay-what-feel or for you to decide the value of the service.’

I invite you to reflect on your access to resources and privilege, the value of my work, the preparation time, hours of training + development, live administrational assistance, high quality equipment and what you can genuinely afford.

Community Rate
This rate does not reflect the value of the work itself but is intended to welcome members for those on low income and from marginalised communities. This ticket category is in no way a statement on the financial circumstances of any community or individual. It is a sincere effort to redistribute resources, build just relationships and centre community care. You are welcome, of course, to choose any other ticket here.

Standard Rate
For those in work, with a comfortable income or access to resources.

Supporter Rate
Full cost is for those who are financially well resourced and can afford to support my work, the wider community and lower ticket costs. This price reflects the real value of the class, ie. the huge effort that goes into each offering, the cost of high quality equipment, live support and administration, and preparation time and training undertaken etc.

2m spacing or more between yoga mats and remain 2m apart.
BYO equipment (yoga mat etc.)
Face masks must be worn when entering/ exiting the space.
Use the provided hand sanitiser upon entry.
Please arrive no sooner than 5 before the start of class, this allows Emilie to time to prepare the space.
If you show any symptoms of COVID 19 such as: high temperature, coughing, lack of taste/ smell. Please notify Emilie and stay at home, upon request Emilie can give you access to a class recording online.

Please see full terms and conditions here: https://www.wildyoganorfolk.com/terms-and-conditions