Pelvic Floor Love | 4 Week Coaching Course
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Četrtek, februar 4 • 6:30 pop. - 7:30 pop.
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Emilie Garrould
Hi I'm Emilie, I believe yoga should be a celebration of what our bodies can do and am passionate about supporting women to connect with their bodies.
This 4 week coaching course is for women, for any women who has...

*Given birth, or is about to give birth and wants to undertand how to recruit the pelvic floor muscles group correctly to aid rehabilitation post-natal.
*Experiences bowel or bladder leakage -TENA lady is not the only answer.
*Experiences pain during sex or simply just pain in the pelvis.
*Experience sudden urge, needed the toilet.
*Suspects prolapse or a heaviness down there. Surgery is NOT the only solution.
*Recently had surgery in the pelvic region and wants to gain awareness and aid rehabilitation of the pelvic floor group.
*Leads an active lifestyle and wants to learn how to recruit the pelvic floor muscles for exercise and active daily living.
What's Included?

Week 1: Assessing Pelvic Floor Tighteness or Weakness. Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor. Engaging the Pelvic Floor. Awareness of Bladder.
Week 2: First stage exercises. Differentiating Slow and Fast Twitch Exercises.
Week 3: Second stage exercises. Understanding pelvic organ prolapse. Advice on living with prolapse. Toilet etiquette 101.
Week 4: Advance Exercises. Bowel Awareness + exercises.

*Access to Members Group: You will be added to a private Facebook group where you'll find weeks 5-16 at home functional programme and further resources available to you.


My classes are hosted via Zoom. You will need to download the app and create an account to join.

Here are a few TOP TIPS for joining online:
* Give yourself time to set up and log in
*A large screen is best, it can be tricky using a mobile.
*You will be sent the link 30 mins before the start of class - please check your junk mail.
*Once log in, please keep your mic turned OFF, please be mindful that this could be disruptive to other practitioners if there is background noise.
*To ensure the best connection, ask your household to come offline for the duration of the class.
*If connection is poor, try turning your camera off - this takes up less bandwidth.
Health Question
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