donderdag 23 mei : Prenatal Aerial Yoga/Pilates

Prenatal Aerial Yoga/Pilates

Tijd   19:00 - 20:00
Docent   Tami
Locatie   Schoolstraat 28
Ruimte   womanhood studio
Plaatsen   Nog 2 beschikbaar
In our Prenatal Aerial classes the hammock (sling) will be used to remove pressure from certain areas of the body, release tension, and build strength and flexibility to prepare for labor.

Changing of your body and upcoming needs will be discussed in-between exercises, while being appropriately gentle and safe for you and your baby.

For prenatal use, our hammocks are just another tool preparing your mind, body, emotions and spirit for birth. No difficult or acrobatic poses should be expected like we would use the slings generally in a typical aerial yoga class.

You will practice to:
- Listen to your body, staying true to you in every moment
- Being present
- Being kind to yourself, and take deep breaths.

Added bonus: some guided meditation and savasana in the hammock, letting the sensation of weightlessness melt away your tension.

You will leave feeling like you truly worked your body, yet in a safe, conscious and effective manner.

No previous experience practicing Yoga or Pilates is required. Al stages of pregnancy are welcome.
If you have (pregnancy) complaints or injuries you are welcome to join, but let the teacher know upfront!!