dinsdag 14 april

Kids Yogalates Class via Zoom
11:00 - 11:45
Schoolstraat 28
Womanhood Studio

NEW CLASS ALERT: Kids Yogalates Class via Zoom

Are you a parent to homebound, energetic, children just looking for an outlet? Then we've got a remedy for you!!

Join Tami for 45 minutes of crazy, kid, fun(7-13 years old) working their bodies through cool, entertaining poses, like: Airplane Arms, Froggie Pose, and Flamingo Stand, while sharing tonnes of laughs!

What will you need for this class?
1. Some space to move around
2. A chair
3. 2 inflated balloons per participant
4. A yoga mat or carpet
5. A blanket

If other brothers and sisters (7-13 years old) would like to join in on the fun, we are happy to have them take part!

Cost: 9,50 euro
8,50 euro for kids with a Womanhood studio class pass (Aerial pass).

Looking forward to reconnecting with you, and your little yogis, from the studio and your homes 😊