donderdag 21 november : Aerial Fly Low

Aerial Fly Low

Tijd   10:30 - 11:30
Docent   Tami
Locatie   Schoolstraat 28
Plaatsen   Nog 8 beschikbaar
We are increasing your aerial repertoire and introducing a new class: Fly
Low class.

Our teacher will help you enjoy the hammocks in ways you didn't even imagine was possible. If you're
feeling tired, stressed or overworked, this type of yoga is the answer!!

The poses range from being on, hovering slightly over and off the ground. I
will find those poses to be grounding, healing and challenging.
It's a different feel from regular Aerial classes with our hammocks (waist
level) but it's definitely something that might interest you to add to your
weekly routines. Or just try once. No experience is needed.