Flowing Yoga & Gong Bath with Tin and Kenneth
Saturday, 16 October • 16:00 - 18:00
Guest Teacher
This workshop is designed to find your inner peace and reach deep relaxation where yoga and gong are gently alternated with each other. Tin begins with a soft yoga session to land in body and breath, while the sounds from the gong, played by Kenneth, take you to deep relaxation and activate the body's self-healing ability.

You just have to lie down and receive. After a while, the flow between the breath, the movement and the gong begins. Yoga is designed to suit most people regardless of conditions and limitations in the body. There are no requirements to be agile or fit - mobility and strength come with time.

Tin Josefsdotter is a trained teacher in Kundalini Yoga, Yinyoga and Prana Vinyasa Flow and has extensive experience of teaching.

Kenneth Riton gives lectures, courses and talks on personal development where he uses yoga, meditation and meditative sound journeys as tools.

Price 350kr