"Sunday Special" - Vinyasa for Stress Relief with Gunn
Sunday, 26 December • 10:00 - 11:15
Guest Teacher
Dynamic yoga flow starting off with stretches, moving into sun salutations and various twisting postures with calm breatkng to relax the body completely. The class will close with a 15 minute guided meditation & relaxation😇🙏

Sundays will give you a peek into the variety of instructors and classes that we offer at the studio. Each week we will offer different classes to encourage you to try something new. Enjoy!

This Sunday's class: Vinyasa for Stress Relief with Gunn
A beautiful flow with a focus on hip openers and releasing the tension we store in the midsection of our bodies.


We appreciate every single one of you for keeping our little studio in Mölle alive though covid and low seasons.

Our instructors give their time and passion to you on a weekly basis because they want to share their energy with you.

We don't have a cancellation policy and we don't charge anyone who doesn't come to class. That said it is hard on our instructors when they start the day with a fully booked class just to end up är the studio by themselves. They also have full days and teach yoga because they love it. But it takes a toll on the soul to not feel wanted.

We urge you first of all to come to class because we need you.

Second of all. If something happens and you can't come to class please cancel as early as possible. And if something happens last minute don't hesitate to send a message to the studio or to the teacher directly. The teacher will surely appreciate you sending a thought.