Reiki workshop with Paul (Saturday & Sunday afternoon)
Saturday, 11 December • 14:00 - 18:30
Guest Teacher
2 day workshop Saturday & Sunday afternoon. 14:00 - 18:30

In this special workshop you will learn or deepen Reiki level 1, receive a solid introduction to meditation and we will have a short channeling session, all of that in one workshop !

What is Reiki ?
REIKI is a healing modality that was introduced by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s.
It has been then spread out in the world for the benefit of millions of people.
REI means universal energy. KI means individual energy.
REI-KI hence, is the ability for an individual to channel universal Energy and transfer it through the hands.
It is hands-on healing with universal Energy.
Moreover it is a philosophy and a life-style, within which the practitioner is dedicated about Self-discovery, awareness, humbleness, and openness to a higher wisdom.
It is SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, and is opening the inner doors for personal and spiritual development.

Reiki level 1
The initiation is a beautiful moment of connection with a higher form of wisdom , some may call it «Higher Self» or «Universal Energy». During a Reiki ritual your inner connection will be open or improved. I will also use my psychic skills to help you discovering more about yourself : psychology, emotions, personal and spiritual development.
Mindfulness is important and precious for a Reiki practitioner. We will study some simple, yet powerful, meditation techniques that we can use in daily life. We will study how we benefit as individuals and as healers from a regular practice.
After the initiation each of the participants are able to transfer energy with hands. It is then time to learn how to activate your chakra system and accelerate your personal evolution.
We will also have some breaks and time for Q&A.
We will study how to channel energy for another person, but also for plants, animals, crystals, objects, etc.
We can use Reiki for healing, personal development, spiritual growth, protection against ‘negative energies’, to clean our chakra system, to rise the vibrational level of people and objects.
It is time to put knowledge into practice and sharing Reiki on each other… enjoying the connection and the flow of universal Energy.
* Channeling session *
After some years of intense meditation practice, I started to learn the Reiki system, it is then that I started to receive information to help people in their Soul’s journey, information about their talents, blockages, past-lives, etc.
We will have a group channeling to benefit from the beautiful energies from the group connecting to a higher Source and as an inspiration and encouragement for spiritual practices.

Practical :
Price for the 2 days is 2200sek
Early birds before 21/11 midnight : 1900sek.
Money should not be an obstacle and you can contact us if an adapted agreement would be needed.