Dance Connections with Maria
Söndag, 15 maj • 10:00 - 12:30
Guest Teacher
Connections - Dance Workshop
We give time to listen inward, to land in the present and let the body lead, express itself and move authentically. This is a place to dive into the fantastic and magical world of dance.
We invite joy of movement and exploration. We let the bodies express and communicate, and we let go of thoughts and words for a moment. Everything is welcome; the small, the big, the soft, the angular, the wild, the quiet! The music is mixed and created based on creating an inspiring soundscape.

Feel free to bring a water bottle and comfortable soft clothes to move around in. You are welcome to dance barefoot! Everyone can come to this dance workshop, regardless of age, physique or previous experience
dance. This is a dance with no steps to follow, without a dance teacher or special choreography.

This day consists of two parts. The first part is at Yoga by the Sea in Mölle where we will be dancing indoors. In the second part we will be dance out in nature, and I have with me headphones that makes it possible for everyone to hear the music being streamed out, as well as my guidance. This creates one fantastic opportunity to dance outdoors under the open sky surrounded by the exterior the natural landscape. I look forward so much to dancing in the beautiful nature Kullahalvön! Location: to be announced. If it rains, we dance indoors.

It is possible to participate in one or both parts.
Part 1: Yoga by the sea 10.00-12.30
Lunch break
Part 2: Dance in Nature 14.00-16.15, with silent disco headphones
Full day: 600 kr
Part 1: 350 kr
Part 2: 350 kr
If you have any questions, please contact me at:
I look forward to seeing you