Yin Yoga with Evalena
Sunday, 2 October • 17:00 - 18:15
Guest Teacher
A relaxing yoga session, ending with sound healing and savasana. In Yin yoga, you let your muscles relax completely. You stay in each pose for several minutes and at the same time practice conscious presence. When you do, the fascia, the connective tissue, will soften.

Each position is held for a 3-5 minutes, which gives us time to calm the mind as well.
We want to access the fascia, connective tissue, instead of the muscles. This is achieved by not going so deep in the stretch and instead staying in each pose for a long time. Great focus is on the area around the hips and lowerback. These are especially rich in connective tissue and, according to yoga philosophy, store a lot of physical as well as emotional tension. The important thing is not how the position looks but how it feels.

Yin yoga is suitable for anyone who wants to stretch, relax and train focus and precence. It’s a very calm practice. Everyone is welcome, you don’t need any previous knowledge.