Klang massage with Eva Lena
Wednesday, 28 September • 14:00 - 15:00
Guest Teacher
This is a one-on-one session

We respond to and enjoy life more fully when we regularly de-stress and re-balance. A way to achieve this is through sound and vibration; a unique method using Singing bowls to calms the nervous system and counteract stress.

A sound massage session takes one hour including initial conversation. You lay on a massage bed wearing comfortable clothing. The specially tuned Tibetan bowls are carefully placed on, and around your body whilst Eva Lena softly and rhythmically tap the bowls with a felted stick. The harmonious sound that arises travel deep down into the body, loosening up tension in muscles, organs and joints. The sound massage paves the way for deep relaxation, recovery and brain rest and thus activates the body’s power to self-regulate and heal.

Price: 550kr

Eva Lena is a certified Peter Hess Sound Massage practitioner. A method developed by the German engineer, Peter Hess, with many years of clinical studies in Germany. Adapting ancient Eastern knowledge about sound and rhythm and their beneficial effects on the body, mind and soul, to the needs of western societies, he founded a method, confirmed by modern medicine, that contributes to strengthening and supporting the self-healing powers we all hold.


With the new Covid-19 restrictions put in place in Skåne and other parts in Sweden we have decided to make a few changes to our previous guidelines.
We need your help to make it work so please read through the following measures before coming to class.

1. A maximum of 7 students in each class.

2. All yogis have to bring their own mat. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not let you take class if you come without a mat. We do offer mats for sale (please note that we only have the more expensive ones in stock at the moment)

3. All classes will be taught without props. If you want to bring your own you are more than welcome. We encourage you to BRING YOUR OWN BLANKET to class. NO STUDIO PROPS WILL BE AVAILABLE.

4. NO HANDS-ON ASSISTING will take place

5. During class keeping a safe distance is no problem - BUT after class we have the problem that everyone exits the studio at the same time. We ask you to spread out and keep a MAXIMUM OF 3 PEOPLE in the changing room at a time.

Work together and KINDLY remind each other.
Keep in mind that it is easy to forget. Stay loving.

6. Wash your hands before and after class - hand sanitizers are available inside the studio. Please use them. If possible shower before class.

7. Stay home if you feel the slightest sick. Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you so much for understanding and for being such a beautiful community. We surely have created something special together. Let's keep up the good work and hopefully we can harvest the fruit soon. We can't wait to hug you all again.

These stricter rules will be in place for a minimum of 3 weeks starting 30/11.

Love, peace & harmony
Pernilla, Helena, Gunn, Thomas, Eva Lena & Katja