General Terms of Yoga Matters Jersey

Disclaimer, Waiver and ALL Policies, Terms & Conditions of entry to Yoga Matters Yoga School are found and stated on WEBSITE under 'LOVE PREP'.

YOU will sign a WAIVER on entry to your first class at YM which states that YOU AGREE to fully read/understand YM disclaimer and prohibitions and precautions information and that you will read as a matter of priority the Yoga class logistics and etiquette information which is clearly set out in ‘LOVE PREP’ on that website and that you will read the class 'booking / cancellation / noshow' procedure and policy which is also clearly stated on the website. BY SIGNING THAT YOU AGREE TO READ YOU ARE EFFECTIVELY SIGNING UP TO YOUR AGREEMENT TO ABIDE/FOLLOW THEM.
EXAMPLE of these Terms: If you book you are asking YM to 'hold space' for you. That means you understand that:
• you commit to paying class fee(s) for that space PROMPTLY
• credits EXPIRE @ 6 months from date of purchase
• 'late cancellation' means credit FORFEIT
• 3 'no shows' (i.e. not communicating you are not coming) per 10 class pass means an extra credit forfeit)

YOU sign the Waiver/Disclaimer in YM reception BEFORE entering first class thereby acknowledging and agreeing to your responsibilities in respect of the class you are about to undertake and all classes thereafter and YM instructors will presume that before attending your second class you will have fully studied ALL of the aforementioned other information on the website AS YOU UNDERTOOK YOU WOULD DO WHEN YOU SIGNED THE WAIVER on entry to your first class and that if you display 'forgetfullness' of such you will not take offence if the instructor has to highlight elements of the logistics, etiquettes and/or policies to you at any future time, as these are deemed ‘the YM Terms that you have agreed to for admittance/participation in classes’ and are the instructor’s tools for managing a class of individuals who are trying to learn the discipline of Yoga.
These Terms etc are integral to YMs identity and cannot be 'customised' if an individual does not like them. YOU agree that you will periodically review the most up to date version in full there to remain familiar with them.

These are the Terms which we have considered carefully and by which we personally feel able to offer our services. We understand these Terms may not suit every individual’s idea of what they want from a Yoga school and we are comfortable with that. Our Terms are not negotiable and therefore turning up to a second class at YM is you indicating that you concede to them and will adhere to them always.

Darren & Trisha