woensdag 12 juni : Flow & Core Yoga

Flow & Core Yoga

Tijd   09:30 - 10:30
Docent   Ayelet
Locatie   Studio 1
Plaatsen   Nog 8 beschikbaar
Ayelet will be teaching our new Morning Flow & Core Yoga (Wednesday 09.30 – 10.30). This is a gentle “wake-up” morning flow with extra attention to core strength and stability. Come and explore the working of your deep core muscles, including your abs, but also your deep back, hip and buttock muscles - the whole deep structure supporting your spine. The aim of the lesson is to develop more core stability, spine flexibility and strength and attain better standing and sitting postures.
The more intense poses will be intercepted with deep meditative stretches focusing on back flexibility and connective tissue health. The lesson is open to all levels. Different options will be given for students with injuries, beginners etc.