Yin-yang yoga (75 mins)
Vrijdag, 25 november • 11:30 - 12:45
Yu Li
Certificated by Universal yoga school 8 years of self-practicing experience more than 3 years of teaching experience
This class consists of two parts.
Yang part is mainly focused on body strength, so strengthening asanas, balancing asanas and vinyasas (dynamic movement) are involved. Through dynamic and challenging practice, the aim is to concentrate attention and improve body awareness.
Yin part is mainly focused on passive stretching and therefore the practice is more static and relaxing. Practitioners have more time to focus on their body sensations and go further deeper in the practice. The obvious difference in body sensation between yang part and yin part will offer more perspectives to connect and observe one’s body.
Through this class, we aim to help practitioners to be more aware of their body and mind activity and keep their body and mind in a yin-yang balanced status.