Yoga Nidra (60 min)
Zaterdag, 26 november • 19:00 - 20:00
Yu Li
Certificated by Universal yoga school 8 years of self-practicing experience more than 3 years of teaching experience
Yoga Nidra literally means yoga sleep. It is a technique to practice consciousness to reach deep states of relaxation. Practitioners can gain real rest from the practice, not only physically but also mentally.

Unlike other yoga classes, Yoga Nidra class does not involve any sitting/standing postures. The only asana used in the class is savasana—yes lying down on your back. However, falling asleep is definitely not the intention. In meditation, practitioners remain a waking state of consciousness and will be guided by the teacher to go through all different phases of practice to release intention and stress from the entire body as well as the mind. allowing all thought patterns, sensations, and emotions to arise and pass away without applying any willpower. It is very important to completely empty the mind during the practice and make the mind dead. Feel dead, not just look dead.

A study proved that one hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as a few hours of sleep. This class is s powerful and simple way to refuel yourself from a busy and stressful life.