Universal yoga (75mins)
Zaterdag, 26 november • 19:00 - 20:15
Lange Geer 62,2611 PW Delft
Yu Li
Certificated by Universal yoga school 8 years of self-practicing experience more than 3 years of teaching experience
The class will be led through a balanced sequence on cross-mat, which consists of asana static practice and also vinyasa dynamic movement. Physically the practice will work perfectly balanced through the whole body—all the joints and muscles from the legs, arms, and spines are exercised in a balanced way. Regular balanced practice helps obviously not only to increase flexibility but also the strength of the physical body.

Besides physical benefits, through balanced practice on a physical level, the more important goal is to target one’s internal awareness, cultivating mind presence and internal concentration.

People who regularly follow the practice will expect not only obviously improve the agility of the physical body, but also the stability of the mind, therefore gaining more peace and happiness from daily life.