Winter Deep Rest & Restore - Evening Event!
Friday, 9 December • 19:00 - 21:00
In-person, North Kildare Educate Together School, Clane Road, Celbridge, Kildare
Sonya Harnett
Hello , I'm Sonya and I would like to welcome you our hub of wellbeing offering yoga, meditation, sound healing therapy, retreats & events. Workplace wellness events.

Join me for this 2 hour magical event event where practices that I love and lean into are gently interwoven into an evening designed for you offering you a space of pausing, unwinding, connecting to your own inner quiet space.

These practices are a culmination of my life's work that I have taught and practiced over the last 11 years and I am so grateful to share them with you!

The common thread of this event is REST in a warm, quiet and lit by candlelight.

Through this evening's event, we will touch upon:
- How you to integrate rest into your day?
- The science of sleep, sleeping patterns and getting to know YOUR sleep!
- Breathing practices that you can draw upon when you feel stressed during daytime and waking at night stress about getting back to sleep.

Experience the benefits of a very gentle restorative and restful yoga as we will use pillows and blankets to lie your body upon in some different positions to ease stress. I will teach you how you can do this at home over the Christmas holiday season also offering you your own "go to" space when it becomes a bit too busy!

Cultivate some gorgeous gratitude as I guide you through a deep self-compassionate meditation practice and more ..

Savour and enjoy the profound benefits of Yoga Nidra or "yogic sleep" to ignite your creative spark, heal or for complete deep relaxation. Your body knows what it needs .. all you need to do is just BE!

We will include a deeply restful Sound Bath Healing woven with distant Reiki healing that will integrate the flow of the evenings intentions and practices to help support you that you continue to feel the "echo" of our time together.

We will hold a space for a circle of connection for 20 mins after for cuppa and chat that is entirely optional for you to enjoy.

I really look forward to you joining our evening's resting resting circle!

DATE: Friday 9th December
TIME: 7pm - 9pm
WHERE: Educate Together School. Celbridge, Kildare

1. Please bring a yoga mat or a thick mat.
2. TWO x bed pillows.
3. TWO large blankets and any other supports.
4. You might like to place a small rug over your mat for extra warmth and comfort.
5. A small folded blanket to support your head.
6. Wear comfortable clothing maybe in layers and layer in warm socks/slipper socks as your body may cool down a lot during the practices and sound healing.
7. Bring a bottle of water.

Feel free to bring paper and pen to journal if you need to prior and after your healing.

This is an annual event so book your "you time" early as places are limited.

IMPORTANT: Inventory of Caution - Sound Healing
1. Caution is advised when pregnant. First trimester and third trimester not advised to attend. Students who are pregnant are advised to place themselves in the room furthest away from the louder sounds.
2. Contra-indicated for sound sensitive epilepsy.
3. Metal plates in the body may cause discomfort with some of the sounds. Advised following 12 months of surgery. It is advised to place yourself in the room furthest away from the louder sounds.
4. Students with a pacemaker not advised to attend.
5. It is advised to wait 3 months after having surgery to attend any Sound Healing Therapy.