Mindful Gentle Yoga & Meditation
clase online
Jueves, 10 junio • 20:00 - 21:15
Sonya Harnett
Mindful hatha yoga is wonderful style of gentle yoga that is taught at a slow pace and excellent for beginners and all levels of experience. From the comfort of home, these live streamed classes will give the opportunity to take a yoga or meditation class which is designed to help the student to understand the movement in the body, reduce fatigue, improve breathing and most importantly to develop the practice of meditation and relaxation techniques to give the tools to navigate through daily life.

Through this class, the mindful practices of movement through very gentle yoga and meditation are blended offering you the space to focus on the sensation of movement and breath while the mind rests in the present moment.

This form of mindful yoga applies traditional mindfulness teachings to the practice of yoga, offering even deeper insights into the mind and a truly life-changing approach to your daily mindful practice.

Through this class, we will explore soothing breathing techniques knows as pranayama, gentle and slow and movements through yoga that will take us to a guided meditation practice where each week, we will explore different mindful meditative practices through intention setting, breath awareness, energy meditations, gratitude, mantra, heart meditation, body scan.

Reduce stress and anxiety
Improve quality of your rest & sleep
Boost immunity
Lower blood pressure
Improve focus, memory and learning
Become more self compassionate and accepting
Become more reflective and less re-active!
Transform the way we see ourselves and the world and become the person who we were born to be!

The class will end with a guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) to send you floating through your day or towards a restful nights sleep!

All classes are online and streamed through Zoom.

Suitable for beginners and for those with experience looking to develop their yoga or meditation practice. Why not invite any household members to join you!

Note: These classes are not suitable during pregnancy. We recommend a tailored class suitable during pregnancy.

PLEASE NOTE: Please consult your medical practitioner prior to practicing yoga and always move within a pain free zone.

4 weeks €50 (live classes & access to class recordings for 7 days)
Attend from 3/6/21 - 24/6/21