Saturday March 17 : Beginner's Workshop

  10:00 am
Beginner's Workshop

Time   10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Teacher   Sally
Location   Astoria
Spots   Still 18 available
This two-hour workshop is designed for those new to yoga or a refresher course to understand the finer details, language, and alignment of Hatha Yoga practice in a comfortable and friendly setting.
Introduce yourself to the benefits of yoga or invite a friend who’s been wanting to try yoga but not sure how to enter into a class setting. Yoga etiquette, studio basics, question and answer all will be covered. As well as a number of foundational poses and the alignment queuing and language for those poses. Breath, mindfulness, and other related topics will be explored.
It is my hope that you will leave the workshop with a better understanding as to what is safe and possible for your body as well as a strong foundation on which to grow your practice.

COST: $40.00