Taiji Kungfu Fan + Tai Chi Qigong
Wednesday, 29 June • 18:30 - 19:30
Lili Chen
Taiji Kungfu Fan + Tai Chi Qigong
Tai Chi & Qigong are a series of gentle physical exercises and stretches. Each posture flows into the next, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. Described as meditation in motion, promoting serenity through gentle movements — connecting the mind and body.

Teacher : Lily
Suitable for less mobile bodies | Gently active | Fun

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a system based on the dynamic relationship between Yin and Yang. Sometimes called Tai Chi Chuan, it combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. Originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China, Tai Chi is now practised around the world as a health-promoting exercise.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an internal process that has external movements. Qi means ‘life force’, the energy that powers our body and spirit. Gong is the term meaning work or gather. Qi Gong together means a form of movement and mind using intention and mindfulness to guide Qi to make Qi flow and work beneficially.

Qi Gong is often referred to as the ‘internal’ portion of Tai Chi – Its physical expression is characterised by stationary movements that are repeated a certain number of times, such as three, six or nine times.

Practicing the same move over and over stimulates muscle, bone, heart, respiration and other functions in the body as shown through Qi Gong theory.

Tai Chi classes always include the concepts and theories, and usually movements of Qi Gong, but a Qi Gong practice won’t necessarily include Tai Chi.

What are the health benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong?

* It can help people to reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility, also increase muscle strength in the legs.

* They can be practiced by almost anyone and in almost any situation. It is known as a ‘moving meditation’.

* They are a series of slow, gentle motions that are patterned after movements in nature.

* Through continued and dedicated practice – Tai Chi and Qigong offers many health benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Participants can see benefits after just a few sessions.

* Tai Chi & Qigong can also reduce the risk of falls among older adults; Improve mobility in the ankles, hips and knees in people with rheumatoid arthritis and benefits people with osteoporosis.