Candlelight Yin
Monday, December 18 • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Yoga Mill, Third Floor
Suzanne Berryhill
Suzanne Berryhill began her yoga journey in 2008, when she took a yoga class in college for her PE credit. However, her love of yoga didn’t really take off until was looking for a way to fill time while job hunting after graduation. At first, yoga was all about the physical challenge and learning the different asanas (shapes), but slowly, Suzanne began to realize that she just felt better after a yoga class, mentally and physically. Suzanne began taking different yoga workshops to learn about different styles of yoga, especially restorative and yin. In 2015, Suzanne realized that yoga was her coping mechanism for life and started research on different yoga teacher training programs. In 2019, Suzanne graduated from the Asheville Yoga Center’s 200 hour training and became a certified yoga teacher! She recently completed her RYT-500 through the Breathe For Change RYT-300 Transformative Teaching and Leadership Training. Suzanne is a high school science teacher at Smoky Mountain High School, and offers free classes to her fellow teachers at work, as well as sponsoring a student yoga club at her high school. She is excited to join the Sylva Yoga Mill as a teacher, and reaching the greater community. Suzanne believes yoga should be accessible to all people, and that the benefits of yoga extend beyond the mat. She loves incorporating this philosophy into all of her classes. All people can practice yoga.
Yin is a slower paced form of yoga with longer holds (90 seconds to 5+ minutes) that is designed to reach the body's connective tissue. It will begin with a gentle warm-up, to make sure the body is prepared for the holds. Yin reduces stress and is designed to help with both physical relaxation and mental clarity. This class is beginner friendly, but also great for experienced yogis!