Vrijdag, 24 september • 17:15 - 18:45
Olav Aarts
YMA Immersions. Deepening your yoga practice and Teaching skills.
The Yoga Minds Academy has been around for 6 years.
Ideal for committed students or as a post teacher training. These sessions are for you when you are willing to immerse yourself in the yoga traditions. The ability to stay focussed and committed need to be in place as these are more intense sessions.

These sessions are for you to deepen your understanding of yoga, especially Hathayoga – asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha. You will explore various techniques which are less commonly practiced in regular classes. In addition to this, the anatomy of the yoga body, philosophy, and teaching styles are covered in greater depth and detail.

What are the 4 topics of these trainings?
- Practicing and teaching basis poses
- Arm, hand, leg balancings
- Hip-openers, backbends

- Mudras
- Bandhas

- Beginnings & struggles
- Various techniques

Philosophy & Teaching
- Various ideas on yoga
- Different bodies, different adjustments
- Inspire, authenticity and tradition

Deepening your knowledge and experience.
- deepen knowledge and practice of meditation and pranayama
- deepening the teaching and knowledge and practice of yoga
- handstand and scorpionpose
- expanding knowledge both philosophically and in asana practice
- balance poses
- basic poses in a correct way, self and teaching
- learn how bodies perform asanas differently and how to adjust different bodies
- arm balancing poses
- more space in the hips in poses
- being an inspiring teacher and not an ‘inhale exhale’ robot or copycat