Monday October 7 : Prenatal Yoga

  6:00 pm
Prenatal Yoga

Time   6:00 pm - 7:15 pm
Teacher   Clara
Location   Studio 202
Spots   Still 6 available
Prenatal Yoga is a beautiful way to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit in preparation for birth and beyond. Each practice is intelligently designed to stretch & strengthen the body with specific considerations to how the body is changing during this sacred time. Your practice will include not only physical movements, but breath work and meditation all of which adapted to each phase of pregnancy. Expect to feel nourished and to come away with new knowledge that can help inform your pregnancy, birth and Motherhood.

My mission is to prepare pregnant people to birth in awareness and have an embodied experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I'm not interested in how you give birth, where it takes place, or who your care provider is. I am interested in whether you feel prepared to make the decisions that align fully with your heart & soul. I want you to travel through pregnancy and into birth and postpartum with a 'I got this mentality!" and when something new or unexpected happens that you have the awareness to stay centred and feel in control of how things will proceed in the future.

**If you give birth and have not completed using your classes, we will honour them for classes when you are ready to return.

*** Laque Nail is giving all our clients 10% off Preggers Mani + Pedis! Just show them your invoice.

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