Monday January 13

6:45 pm
HY Slow Flow @ Tribes Church
Tribes Church
6:45 pm - 7:45 pm
Tribes Church

SLOW FLOW is designed to stretch and challenge your breath(spirit), focus(mind) and willingness(heart) into deep transitions of postures/poses to bring more mindfulness to targeted muscle groups. This slow practice will leave your body, mind and heart feeling awakened and blessed by the Spirit.

Uplifting Christian music.

Beginner - Level 1. Moderate Intensity.

Donation Class. Suggested $10, class packs and memberships accepted, cash/check at the door.

For all skill levels and all body types. Bring your mat, any props you desire (blocks, straps, towels, pillows, bolsters) and water. Come early to settle in :) Park in the north lot and enter the lobby double doors C.

♥ Practice yoga, Worship Jesus.

Holy Yoga Classes will offer space for you to connect with God through breath, movement, and meditation. We offer Scripture based intentions and worshipful music to lead you deeper into your heart space, in the hopes that what we do here, would fill the world with more light and love and Jesus.