Monday December 2

7:00 pm
Cardio Drumming with Suzi
Yoga Place
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Yoga Place

Suzi Richards, Certified Group Fitness Instructor with ACE and Cardio Drumming teacher, will teach a full body cardio workout mixed with body weight moves. This workout is accessible to all body types - meaning you can take the workout up and really challenge yourself, or take a move that slows or provides relief to a body part that needs a different level. There is no condemnation or shame here. You are made uniquely and we respect and celebrate your body the way God made you!

Jesus is welcome in my class. We will move to worship and secular music with a positive message. I will start us in prayer and a scripture and then set you free to move in freedom!

We have a saying in class - “You do you.” This means that if I’m expressing myself in a workout that doesn’t feel right to you then you do what does. I will correct you if I see unsafe form in a movement that could injure you.

We will drum on 32 gallon trash cans with drumsticks. You are welcome to bring your own drumsticks.

What to bring:
- water
- small towel for sweat
- open mind
- joy in your heart
- tennis shoes
- workout clothing (something you can move and sweat in - I’ve been there before with my pants slipping!)

Class set up:
1-2 warm up songs slower paced
45 mins of cardio drumming
5-10 min cool down
Community building - we will tell each other our names, one thing we are going to do for our wellbeing that week and any prayer requests.