Thursday 26 March : Pilates - MNY Pregnancy Pilates

  6:00 pm
Pilates - MNY Pregnancy Pilates  (cancelled )

Time   6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Teacher   Rua
Location   Russell Lea
Room   Church Hall
Please book through the Mother Nurture Yoga website, at

Come try our Prenatal Pilates classes as a great complement to your yoga practice or as an awesome standalone.

*You will learn how to correctly activate your deep core muscles, including your pelvic floor muscles and your glutes (bottom)
* You will find a new stability and support throughout pregnancy and you'll prevent or minimise back pain
*You'll increase in strength in both your lower and your upper body
*You'll stretch out the muscles used in class, as well as areas of the body that can get typically tight during pregnancy.