Friday March 16 : Dynamic Fusion Flow

  7:00 am
Dynamic Fusion Flow

Time   7:00 am - 8:00 am
Teacher   Karen
Location   Russell Lea
Room   Church Hall
Spots   Still 12 available
Dynamic Fusion Flow
A challenging set of Vinyasa Fusion sequences, it samples dynamic and static asanas in an organic flow guided by the breath. Its inspiration springs from the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition intertwined with DMT (Dynamic Movement Therapy), interval training, and Pilates. You will build and consolidate strength, stamina, stability and litheness, re-awaken your body awareness and clarity of mind while exploring progressive postural ranges. You’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and experiment with your practice, come out more confident, restored, recharged.
Open to all levels; while more experienced students can go to its deepest depths, beginners will be offered simplified variations of each pose in the flow. However, we recommend attending a Foundation Vinyasa or a Focused Movement class, if this is your first approach to yoga ever.