Saturday March 17 : Foundations of Mobility

  10:00 am
Foundations of Mobility

Time   10:00 am - 11:15 am
Teacher   Rua
Location   Russell Lea
Room   Church Hall
Spots   Still 12 available
A rolling series, which you can join at any stage, to delve into the fundamentals of Dynamic Flow, YinYang Flow, Stretch Therapy™ techniques, Fighting Monkey™ practice, and functional movement for bodies in a Western lifestyle.
The “Foundations” classes are paced and structured to increase in difficulty very gradually, so those completely new to focused movement and living a sedentary lifestyle, can stay safe and feel confident to follow. Each class will offer insights into the immediate physical and mental health benefits of movement integration, breath work, stretching, rolling, and hopefully provide a glimpse into neuroplasticity, motor repatterning, and the deep multifaceted transformation that a consistent long-term practice can offer.
Appropriate for any age and range of motion.
At the end of the “Foundations” course, you will be fully equipped to safely progress into all the other YogaRuka classes - and most focused movement classes around the world - with poise and cognisance.