Dynamic Stretch - ONLINE
online class
Monday, 10 May • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Drummoyne, ONLINE
Morgan Carter
+ The safest, fastest, most effective way of gaining flexibility, grace and ease in your body. It can heal you from stiffness and restrictions from injuries, repetitive work or athletic training, and the damages of a sedentary lifestyle. Inspired by Stretch Therapy™, calisthenics, resistance functional training, the Emmet Louis method, Fighting Monkey, and more - for a holistic and varied movement experience
+ Each class focuses on a theme, and comprises elements of stretching, strengthening, myo-fascial remodelling, rhythm, coordination, neural re-patterning and relaxation
+ What's in it for me? “I saw my doctor yesterday and we were marvelling how since I started doing this practice I am now free of the bodily aches and pains that normally plague folks of my age. No bad backs, no sore legs, no headaches. It’s really been the most significant health impact of my life and such an important modality for the ageing body too, since the focus is on mobility and achieving bodily ease.” - K Bird
+ Intensity: 2-4/5. It can be practiced safely by men and women of all ages (including pregnant women and children), no matter the fitness level, since lots of options are provided