Saturday 28 March : Yoga - MNY Prenatal Flow

  8:30 am
Yoga - MNY Prenatal Flow  (cancelled )

Time   8:30 am - 9:45 am
Teacher   Rua
Location   Russell Lea
Room   Church Hall
Please book through the Mother Nurture Yoga website, at

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is most likely the healthiest way to prepare your body and mind to welcoming your child into the world.

Not only will prenatal yoga help strengthen your body and improve mobility all throughout the 3 trimesters, it will also provide you with that mental and emotional support during labour and birth.

Our signature prenatal yoga course will arm you with the necessary tools to seamlessly transition toward parenthood keeping strong, balanced, energised, cardio-fit and mobile.

Classes are gentle, flowing and meditative, we focus on your absolute safety and cater through a wealth of modifications on the postures and transitions - for complications such as placenta previa, gestational diabetes, oedema, pre-eclampsia, oligohydramnios, and more.

Women are encouraged to listen and be kind to their bodies, and work at a level that’s appropriate for how they’re feeling class after class. We use a combination of postures, breathing techniques, meditation and visualisation exercises, that we've discovered through the years to have the following benefits:

* They assist with building breath and movement awareness
* They assist with building strength and stamina in a safe way
* They increase coordination and concentration
* They increase blood circulation and reduce swelling and inflammation
* They reduce back pain and other discomforts such as piriformis syndrome through improving posture and stretching safely
* You will learn self-massage and breathing techniques to use at home
* You will relax and restore, and remove unnecessary tension in your muscles
* You can cope with feelings of fear, worry/anxiety, inadequateness to the role of mother and develop trust and confidence in your body and mind
* You can learn about the changes that are happening in your body and feel reassured and accepting of the way our bodies evolve and change
* You will diminish the risk of diastasis recti (the separation of the abdominal wall)
* You'll actively influence the ideal positioning of the baby in the womb
* You will bond with your baby
Our program further empowers women toward an active, intuitive birthing process, it helps decrease stress hormones during labour and increase oxytocin (the hormone of love and bonding) and endorphins (the pain-killer hormones).
Last but not least, during the course you can connect with other mums-to-be, and establish a regular yoga practice in a safe and gently progressing way for years to come!