Tuesday 31 March

7:15 pm
Mobility - YR Yin Stretch Therapy™
Russell Lea
7:15 pm - 8:15 pm
Russell Lea
Church Hall

+ A combo of PNF, static, dynamic, ballistic and partner-assisted stretching, to both strengthen and lengthen your muscles
+ Longer holds infused with subtle, fluid movement, that help lubricate your connective tissue and remove myo-fascial adhesions
+ The Paulie Zink yin methodology meets Stretch Therapy™ meets Somatics (Feldenkrais elements, Hanna): exclusive to our studio, we are at the moment the only ones in the world to offer this fusion!
+ What's in it for me? Help nourish your muscles and hydrate your connective tissue, improve mental clarity and focus, learn to fully relax, breathe better, sleep better, enhance mobility and circulation, boost your immunity
+ Intensity: 1-3/5. All levels welcome. Ideal for people with restrictions to movement, chronic disease sufferers, athletes and body builders with very tight fascia, people whit busy minds, anxiety sufferers