Saturday 4 April

10:00 am
Fusion - YR Foundations of Mobility
Russell Lea
10:00 am - 11:15 am
Russell Lea
Church Hall

+ Movement integration, breath work, stretching, rolling, neuroplasticity, motor re-patterning and lots of laughs
+ A fusion of Emmet Louis method, Stretch Therapy™, Animal Flow®, Fighting Monkey™, contemporary dance, partnered stretches and games, and more
(Mind you - No yoga music at this class!)
+ What's in it for me? Gain insights into how to use your body in integration rather than isolation, for immediate physical and mental bliss
+ Intensity: 2-4/5. No matter the age and range of motion, you'll get benefits from consistently participating to this class, whether you do the whole, or just a part of it. Family Friendly!