dinsdag 19 november : Relax & Slow with Aroma therapy

Relax & Slow with Aroma therapy  (geannuleerd )

Tijd   11:00 - 12:00
Docent   Farrah
Locatie   Frans Halsstraat 35 H
Plaatsen   Nog 5 beschikbaar
Relax & Slow is a combination class of slow Flow and a bit of Yin where the main focus will be on the breath to relax and let go. We take it nice and easy to fully connect with the body. This is a very terapeutic class for anyone who want to move, yet mindfully. Rather you are recovering, postnatal or just want to slow down and shift from the hectic of the city life...this is class is just right for you class. 

During this class we will be using 100% pure essential oils. The oils can give you a deeper state of awareness or heightened state of consciousness. With its natural benefits it can increase focus, reduse stress, evoke the sense of calmness, support your immune system and so much more. The aroma therapy will be used in a diffuser and or on the skin (only if you want to use it on your skin).